The Twelve Days of Christmas Family Trail at Mottisfont

We finally joined the National Trust in August and I can already tell you that hands down it has been our best buy of the year. There are so many lovely places to explore using our cards, that we have only just managed to scratch the surface so far, but on Saturday we made our first return visit to a property and that was to Mottisfont to do their Twelve Days of Christmas family trail.

Christmas family trail at Mottisfont

We picked up a trail booklet from the entrance in return for a donation of a pound and quickly spotted the first stop on our trail, a partridge in a pear tree of course! The girls aren’t familiar with this song yet so it was met with blank stares, and even stranger looks when I started singing… but they loved the adventure of looking in the book for the next thing to spot and then running along the path until they found it.

Christmas family trail at Mottisfont

At each stop there was something for us to do, ranging from giving each other a bug hug, to throwing goose eggs in a basket, to shaking our tail feathers like a swan! Mabel loves a quest or a task to complete so she was fully on board with following the trail. Greta is still a bit more of a free spirit, and just wants to charge around… either is fine by me!

Christmas family trail at Mottisfont

When we got to nine ladies dancing, the trail took us inside the house, where they had dressed it for a 1930’s Christmas party. The girls’ favourite part by far was the room full of dressing up clothes where they could try clothes and jewellery on for the party, twirl around in the mirror and then have their picture taken in a golden frame. We all loved this part of the trail, it was such a brilliant touch. The last room in the house had in it the biggest Christmas tree I think I have ever seen indoors and some of the biggest baubles too!

Christmas family trail at Mottisfont

The stop for ten Lords leaping, included making our own leaping Lord out of a card template and split pins. Again, Greta went a bit off-brief but we’ll just call that her creative side! The last stop was 11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming and they had made giant pipes and drums for the children to play. I was really impressed with them and the kids were all having a great time! Although the sun was shining, we were all getting a bit chilly by that point so we went straight back to the car, with a welcome little stop off on the way to warm our hands on the fire in the entrance.

Christmas family trail at Mottisfont

It was a lovely afternoon out, the prefect festive adventure for early December. We are taking part in vlogmas this December and posting a video everyday on our YouTube channel so here’s a vlog of what we got up to at Mottisfont.

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  1. December 18, 2016 / 8:43 am

    I’ve just seen this through another link and it made me laugh because I’ve just written ours up, definitely a great purchase this year. Merry Christmas lovely lady x

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