Tough Spot Marble Painting

I love that we’re getting in the habit now of doing a special activity just for Greta every Tuesday. Being the middle child, I do worry that she’s going to feel a bit overlooked, so I like to make a special effort for her when I can. Doing a messy activity once a week is just about manageable now Mabel is at preschool and Ernie is a bit older and goes a bit longer between feeds. Trying to do it any more often would be detrimental to my sanity, so I think once a week is enough.

So today I just grabbed some paint and squeezed it onto the builders tray and then popped a bowl of plastic marbles in the middle. I didn’t put any paper in because I always find it gets too wet and rips, and then I have to find somewhere for it to dry, only for it to be thrown away a week later when I get fed up of it on the kitchen table. Sad but true.

Builders tray painting messy play

As usual, she surprised me by starting small. She was excited to get going though and picked up a marble and started dipping it in the different colours of paint saying ‘ooh yellow, I like yellow!’ I thought she would put her feet in the paint straight away but she started with her hands first.


She tried rolling the marbles but the paint made them stick to the tray so they didn’t roll far. If you have a child who unlike mine, wouldn’t start throwing and kicking them around the room , a few different sized balls would be good to add to this activity.



War paint!

She did go in with her feet eventually, and a bit of mess was made on the floor. But it was nothing a baby wipe or 2 couldn’t fix (is there anything you can’t clean with a baby wipe?) and actually, I think the floor looks cleaner now than it did before we started….


And she did help to clean up!


I brought in a bowl of warm soapy water and some old towels for her to clean herself up with. I recommend old clothes for this one too!



Join the fun

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  1. March 8, 2016 / 7:52 pm

    That looks so much fun! I bet Greta will enjoy her messy play every week! I tried edible paint with the Robot last week, it was chaos! I might talk my other half into buying us a builders tray when he is older and we messy play more!!

    • Louise
      March 8, 2016 / 8:29 pm

      Do it they are brilliant and so much you can do with them!

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