Blue Pasta Messy Play

This morning I had to take Ernie for his second set of immunisations, so we were a bit later than normal to do our Toddler Tuesday activity today, so I appologise for the late post.

Today I decided to boil up some pasta with some food colouring. I tried the normal liquid one but it didn’t colour the pasta at all so I put some of the gel colouring in that I use for cakes and icing and it made it a lovely bright blue colour. You can buy it from hobby craft or eBay, just search for gel food colouring (I have a rainbow set). You only need a tiny bit so my set has lasted me for ages.

I also gave Greta some uncooked macaroni. She went straight to the cupboard when she saw me get the black tray out and started pulling out baking trays and things so I let her chose her own pots and spoons and she arranged them on the tray very nicely, ready to start playing.

She showed some really good fine motor skills, scooping up the dry macaroni with a spoon and tipping it into her cake tray. One piece in each hole.


Picking up individual bits of macaroni takes a lot of concentration.


Luckily, the food colouring didn’t stain her hands so that was a bonus.


Not too much mess to clear up with this one, I call that a success!



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Blue Pasta


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      March 15, 2016 / 4:49 pm

      No she doesn’t but it wouldn’t matter if she did I suppose

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