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This Little Big Life is a project I have started with Sarah from Sarah Rooftops to capture our weekends, every week. Whether that’s in the form of a photo post or video, the whole weekend or just one little moment, we are focussing on recording those small, normal, family moments that could so quickly and easily be forgotten with the passing of time before you’ve realised that actually, they are the big moments. You can find my previous posts in the project here.

Sarah and I would really love it if you would like to join in with our little project and share your own weekend moments with us. We’ve opened it up as a linky so please come and link up your posts, I’m really looking forward to little gimpses into other people’s weekends. All we ask is that you pop by each other’s posts and share the love a little bit, I’m really hoping that over time we can build a lovely supportive and creative community that we can all benefit from being a part of. If you want to use #ThisLittleBigLife on Instagram or when you’re sharing your posts on Twitter then please do, if you want to tag us in your tweets I will retweet them, (@blueberriesblog and @sarahrooftops) but there’s no hard and fast rules.

Thank you to those that linked up last week, I loved seeing your photos and videos.

Last weekend we had two family birthday’s to celebrate, one of my sister’s turned 19 and Carl’s Mum turned 60! On Saturday morning we met up with my family for a late breakfast birthday party. We were late, of course, but it was lovely to have everyone together. I am the eldest of five, so it’s quite an occasion when we all meet up, especially now the next generation has begun to arrive. In the afternoon Mabel went with her Auntie to do some baking and Carl took Ernie and Greta to see his Mum and dad and try to change a part on his car. So that left me home alone for the first time in a very long time. And I didn’t know quite what to do with myself. It was that thing when you have so many things you could be doing, so many possibilities, and you’re so desperate not to waste such a golden opportunity, that it’s all a bit too much and you have no idea where to start. The house was a tip, the laundry was piling up next to the washing machine and the sink was full of washing up, on one hand I felt like I should tackle the house as quickly as possible, but on the other hand that felt like a waste of precious child-free time. It will only need doing again, after all. A nap though was seriously tempting, but I felt like I wanted to accomplish something. So instead I tucked myself up on the sofa with the laptop and a huge mug of tea and I wrote and wrote and wrote. It was really lovely to actually write uninterrupted for once and not wondering how long I’ve got before someone needs me and snatching 5 minutes here and there to draft a post. Before long Carl returned and made a really yummy quorn chilli for dinner, and when Mabel came back she was clutching a huge box of cookies and brownies. It was really nice to have a couple of hours to myself, a little bit of breathing space, and a chance to miss them, but I was glad to have them all back again too.

On Sunday we headed out to woodland park for a bit of a walk before Carl’s Mum’s birthday BBQ which was starting at 2pm. We didn’t quite realise how scorchingly hot it was outside until we were in the car, meaning that everyone was quite hot and bothered by the time we reached our destination. This meant a dash into a nearby shop for some bottles of water and that we were relieved to be venturing into the shaded woodland. The girls had a great time, mostly collecting sticks and climbing things. You know that saying, ‘boys will be boys’…. apparently girls will be boys too. My video this week is of their adventures on this walk. I love watching how good they are at climbing and balancing, how Greta starts with slight trepidation and will reach for a supporting hand to hold but Mabel will just throw herself in and not care how many times she slips. I really enjoyed making this little film, I enjoyed it so much I couldn’t stick to my usual 1 minute and it’s a bonus 50% longer this week. I hope you like it too, I’d love to know your thoughts.


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  1. June 10, 2016 / 10:32 am

    I love it Louise, you’ll be able to make a feature length film at the end of the year! I’ve loved being in the woods recently too, it’s too hot outside for the little ones in the sun. Climbing is a good subject for the girls! I love how Carl carries Ernest in a woven, I need to convince Dave to do this!
    Karen recently posted…Playing OutdoorsMy Profile

  2. June 10, 2016 / 10:56 am

    Oh, I love this! You’re almost winning me round to videos. I love the bit with Greta scooting down the hill on her bum (um… hope that’s the right daughter?!?!). This reminds me of climbing all over trees and boulders with my sister when we were that age. Gorgeous.
    Sarah Rooftops recently posted…This Little Big Life: StonehavenMy Profile

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