The B Word

Balance. The answer to all of life’s problems it would seem. Whether you’re struggling with your diet, trying to keep all family members as happy as possible or trying to find that elusive sweet spot between work and life… all you need is a bit of balance. A little bit of everything is good for us apparently, just as long as we keep the scales level. And it makes sense it really does, but I’m just so rubbish at it it’s funny.

I can’t seem to be able to spread myself between several projects, giving them all equal attention and enthusiasm, as much as I might want to. I have a tendency to throw myself into just one thing, letting any semblance of balance fly out of the window while almost everything else in my life gives way to the current project taking all of my attention.

I started the year with four main goals, or areas to focus on this year. In a nutshell they were a healthy diet and lifestyle, being more proactive about getting out and about with the kids during the week, buying a new car, and sorting out the house. The idea of course was to take the slow and steady approach, try to make these changes whilst maintaining that all important balance that we hear so much about. I wanted to draw on my word of the year ‘nurture’ to remind me to be kind to myself, to those around me and to try not to be so impatient with things that I’m trying to improve.

But it didn’t quite work out that way… No, I made kale smoothies for breakfast for 2 weeks and then I threw myself (and everyone else) into the ‘house project’. There’s nothing nurturing about staying up till midnight painting and sanding and building flat pack furniture let me tell you. And yet I do it to myself because I get so carried away with trying to make as much progress as I can with this one thing, that everything else goes out the window.

But you can’t be that way when you have children can you? I know Mabel and Greta were not impressed with our weekend of hanging photo frames and visiting DFS and I’m sure they’re wondering why Mummy has stopped making smoothies and taking them to the park and all she does now is lug furniture around and paint little squares of paint on the wall and then stare at them for a long time.

While I’m proud of how much better the house is looking in a short time, and it is really important to me to finally make it ours and create a homely feeling inside these four walls that I spend so much time inside… I really need to try and claw a bit of balance back into my life before I burn out completely and the children really start rebelling on me. The combination of an exhausted me and unhappy children is a very scary thought.

This time last year I had three children under four and I was firmly in survival mode. As much as I might of wanted to do up the house or start running again, it just wasn’t happening. It was hard but I made my peace with that at the time and I ended up finding a lot of joy within just being together and living moment to moment. Now that all the children are a year older I have more options, which I’m discovering is a blessing and a curse. Now I need to stop myself from making myself overly busy, I need to force myself to slow down, stop making so many plans, put the to do list away, and find the balance.

Here’s some photos of Ernie eating a chocolate bar because you know… balance ๐Ÿ˜‰


Finding the balance
Finding the balance

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  1. January 17, 2017 / 2:05 pm

    Louise, i know exactly how you feel. I’m very much in this zone at the moment. I need to claw a bit of balance back. The blog is going to have to take a bit of a back seat I think. I will definately have to eat a bit of Ernies biscuit while I figure it all out. Having watched you take a blog break and really focus on your family though over the last (is it) 6 months i know that it’s possible to make the changes. It needs to be done. Keep up the good work. x

  2. February 17, 2017 / 9:53 am

    Great post. I’m coming across this term ‘B-Word’ for the first time. I have learned to balance most activities in all my life, am from part of the world where only money is used as a measure of success. In as much as am in pursue of this money too my happiness in life matters to me and I ensured I balance this two.

    Sometimes I had come short in balancing this two, in other time I had succeeded but the singular purpose of life to me is to live and this I do with little or no regrets.
    Your kids are so cute.

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