Siblings | March 2016

Ok so I’m just going to come clean about this straight away. I forgot about doing a siblings post this month. I know, I’m a bad blogger! I’ll put next month’s on the calendar now. So anywho,  that’s how we’ve ended up with these not so brilliant photos of the gang cuddled up on the sofa with messy hair because I literally just said ‘quick I need to take a photo of the three of you’ dumped Ernie in the middle of the girls and snapped a few pictures. I probably should have had a look at what I’d got before I put the camera away….

But a really sweet sibling moment did happen today when I was in the kitchen and Ernie started crying in the front room. I came back in to find Greta had taken his nappy off because it had a little poo in it. She’s always doing slightly crazy, completely unexpected and extremely sweet things like that. Well, when she’s not peeing on the floor and shouting ‘ONE MORE PEPPA PIG!!’.

The one thing I’ve noticed this month is quite how much Greta idolises her big sister. Even when Mabel isn’t here she talks about her constantly (‘Me and Mabel do that’ ‘Peppa Pig a big girl like me and Mabel’). Today she got her coat and boots on to go in the garden and was only out there for 2 minutes before she decided that trampolines aren’t really that fun when Mabel isn’t on there with you, and came back in. If we go somewhere with other children, Mabel will lead the way and Greta will follow. If Mabel runs off on an adventure with older children, Greta will wander around looking lost. I’m going to make an effort to take Greta (and Ernie obviously) to toddler groups when Mabel is at pre-school because I want Greta to learn to socialise in her own right. I’m worried about how she’ll take it when Mabel starts school in September (I’m also very worried about how I’ll take it, but that’s a whole other post). I have put Greta’s name down to start Pre-school in September though, so hopefully she’ll relish the independence.

Mabel has started to be a little bit cheeky and sneaky at times and the way she tries to involve Greta in it is quite funny. I often walk in the room to find Mabel hiding some contraband object behind her back and ushering Greta to do the same ‘No Greta, shhh, hide it, like this!’. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help but giggle. Yesterday, even though I’d learnt from experience and put my make up bag in the cupboard, they found another bag of old make up that I’d forgotten about and Mabel did Greta’s face! They are definitely becoming thick as thieves and a pair of little tinkers!

The girls are both still loving their baby brother and he gets many kisses and cuddles and occasionally Mabel will grab him when I’m not looking and pull him on her lap! We’ve had to have a lot of conversations about how fragile he is to try and stop them pulling him around, it’s a wonder they haven’t pulled an arm off by now if I’m really honest. To be fair, he doesn’t seem that fragile anymore, he’s growing quickly, is really strong, and is already starting to want to sit up. I want to keep him as my baby forever of course, but I think I know what I’m in for, after all the girls both hit all their physical milestones early. Although I don’t think he’s growing up as quickly as Mabel would like, she keeps trying to teach him to say different words and sometimes is convinced he’s said some random thing like ‘teacup’ or something when it’s really just a gurgle that sounded similar.

All in all it seems like they have all changed so much in one month but also everything is the same. Everyone is a little bit older and a little bit wiser, but generally they are all still just going through life, loving each other, sometimes a little bit too much.





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  1. March 17, 2016 / 1:26 pm

    These are the best pictures, natural! I’m amazed they’re all sat down and are looking happy, it’s inevitable one of our three is crying, or screaming or poking the other or throwing something. A very photogenic Ernie there!

    My boys (3 and 18 months) are just starting to play together and the result is very similar to what you talk about… Mischief making, contraband hiding and PEPPA PIG!!

  2. March 17, 2016 / 7:17 pm

    What I’d do for photo’s this nice. It’s rare I can get my two in the same frame let alone both smiling or worse still no fingers up their nose.

    They’re also keen of smuggling contraband, particularly at bedtime. My saving grace is they’ve yet to suss out how suspicious it looks climbing the stairs backwards with both hands behind their back.

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