Siblings | April 2016

Ok so I’m late again with our siblings post this month. This time I didn’t forget, but I did leave it until the last minute to attempt to get any photos of the three of them together, and the first ones I took just didn’t work. I’m not terribly fussy about my photos, but I do at least want the kids to not look like they are being held against their will, so I needed to make another attempt at them.

It was a few days later before I had another opportunity to get them all in the same place at the same time and all in reasonably good moods. We ended up taking this month’s photos at a birthday party in a soft play centre, so they aren’t the best quality pictures because of the appalling lighting that those places have. But despite that I do love them (even if I do have to force myself to not think about how filthy those balls must be), because I think they show a little bit of how Ernie is starting to get a bit more interactive, and is slowly beginning to find his place within the three of them.

You can really tell the difference in Ernie from last month’s pictures I think, where he was more of a passive participant, just sat staring bemused at the two crazy girls either side of him. Now he’s reaching out, trying to grab anything and everything that comes within his range of vision, and if he can get it anywhere near his mouth, it’s going to get sucked. He has also started launching himself forwards towards things when I’ve propped him on some cushions or even when I’m holding him. The girls find this move incredibly funny (I on the other hand, find it slightly terrifying), and Mabel calls it ‘the cannonball’ (he may have once done it off of the bed, poor thing).

I do find it funny though how the tables have turned from last month, when I talked about often having to pull the girls off of Ernie during particularly over enthusiastic cuddles, and constantly having to remind them that they can’t pull him around like a doll. While of course, a fair amount of that still goes on, I’m now also getting cries of ‘Ahh, Ernie’s got my hair!’ and ‘Mummy! Ernie’s slobbering all over my knee!’, and I can’t help but giggle and think just you wait until he’s crawling!

Of course, he’s still little, so at the moment he’s usually left behind with Mummy and Daddy, while the girls run off on an adventure. I’m a little bit worried that he’s going to be left out as they grow up, being the only boy and the youngest of the three, so as soon as he’s able to, I know I will be encouraging the girls to take him along with them and include him in their games. The girls are so close, they are together 24/7, they share a bedroom, they share pretty much everything actually, even some of their clothes fit either of them. It’s still hard to see how Ernie is going to fit into their dynamic as he gets older, but I’m sure he will end up being fully immersed in their gang, at least that’s what I really hope will happen.


Siblings in April

Siblings in April

Siblings in April




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