Living Arrows | Putting the Sand in Sandles

‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows, are sent forth’ Kahlil Gibran

These pictures are from last week at Butlins. If you’ve ever been to Butlins then you’ll know, there is so much entertainment going on at all times, there is literally about 10 different things you could be doing at any one time. The whole resort is all about having fun and it’s all set up for kids. The girls loved the fairground rides, the character shows and the swimming pool, but one of the most enjoyable times that we all had together was when we headed to this quiet sand pit play area after dinner.

Because sometimes you don’t want to be entertained, sometimes you just want to be…

Mabel laughing

Mabel was busy filling her bucket and transferring the sand around to different parts of the playground. If I showed you most of the pictures I took you would think she was having a terrible time because she was taking this job very seriously! But her silly side came out when it was time to pat the bottom of the bucket before turning the sandcastle out. She decided to sit on it and do it with her bum, and she found herself highly amusing too.

Ernie on hands and knees in the sand

Ernie is so close to crawling and he’s desperate to get going. He can kind of move himself around by wiggling and kicking but he’s not quite worked out how to coordinate his arms and legs to move together quite yet.

Greta blowing raspberries

When we were putting shoes back on to leave, I was blowing raspberries at Greta and she was giggling so much I had to pick up the camera. But of course in true Greta style, as soon as I did she started blowing them back at me!


Living Arrows

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