Romance for the sleep deprived and harrassed with JORD wood watches

10 years we’ve been together this year and I think it’s safe to say life is not quite as romantic as it once was. This time in our lives is not about wining and dining in fancy restaurants, nights out at the theatre, or even the cinema. It’s not about overnight trips away at a moments notice or travelling to far flung places just the two of us. The new experiences we are having together are much closer to home these days. We don’t have hours to talk of our hopes and dreams, our past and our future, we’re lucky to get through a sentence without being interrupted or forgetting what we were trying to say. This is not the time for Sundays spent in bed, we’d be quite happy with more than an hour before one of the kids comes in to join us!

‘Us’ these days means five not two. It’s hard to hold hands with each other when we’ve only four between us and there’s six of theirs. Six little hands, all needing a piece of us, it doesn’t leave much  time for each other. Life at the moment is chaotic, it’s busy, frustrating and sometimes relentlessly hard.

But it’s still romantic… just in a different way.

When you let me stay in bed for an extra hour in the morning

When you clean the kitchen

When you carry my bag and the heavy toddler so I can run around and take photos

When you change every single dirty nappy that happens when you’re around

When I’m looking for an excuse to eat pizza and you step right up

When I watch you play with Ernie and Greta

When I hear you teaching Mabel about science

When you crack a joke that makes me laugh when I could quite easily have cried

When you come home to a messy house and wild children and you ask no questions, just start cooking dinner

When you try to solve all of my problems for me, not matter how trivial or hopeless

When I wake up poorly and you make sure we have everything we need for the day before you go to work

When you support me in anything and everything I want to do

When you put us first, always

I’m not going to pretend I don’t miss the old days sometimes. That I don’t yearn for awhole day to do whatever we want, that it wouldn’t be nice to be able to give each other our full attention for a while, to have enough energy left when we do get five minutes peace to do more than slob out on the sofa in comfortable silence. But this time in our lives is temporary and you know we’ll miss it when it’s gone. It might not be quite as romantic as our pre-kid lives, but there’s huge amounts of love in everything we do.

And you know, crazy as this time of life may be, there’s no one else I would want to do it with.

I’m so thankful to the lovely people at JORD wood watches for allowing me to choose one of their beautiful timepieces to give as a gift to Carl this valentines day. It’s not very often that I can give him something, especially not something this lovely, that he hasn’t had to pay for himself. I was so excited to find this Delmar series watch with dark sandalwood and blue carbon fibre to match his wedding ring and it’s absolutely perfect.

JORD wood watches are also giving you the chance to win $100 credit towards a watch of your choice from their gorgeous selction. Just enter the giveaway by clicking here and when it closes on 3/5/2017, everyone who enters will receive a $25 discount code as a thank you for entering.

Luxury Wooden Watch

Join the fun

Dsc 9172

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  1. February 12, 2017 / 10:58 pm

    You’ve got a keeper in him Louise! Lovely words and you sound like a real team. It’s nice to be able to show it and I hope he likes his watch, it looks great x

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