Pumpkin picking at Pickwell Farm

Autumn is and always has been my favourite season and so far we have been treated to a gorgeously mild, dry and sunny October and I am really enjoying getting outside as much as possible. If there’s something else that I love as much as Autumn it’s a family tradition. I think we all have those simple little things that we always do at certain times of the year. This year we’ve added quite a few more to our list, for example I’m pretty sure we’ll always visit the lavender fields in August from now onwards, and the egg roll on Easter Monday at Butser hill is now a must for every year. I think it’s lovely to keep going back to the same places to do the things again that we’ve enjoyed before and I want our children to look forward to these fun traditions every year.

The newest addition to our yearly ‘must do’ list is pumpkin picking! Last weekend we visited Pickwell farm in netley, Hampshire and had a brilliant time choosing the perfect pumpkins to take home with us.

pickwell farm pumpkin picking pickwell farm pumpkin picking pickwell farm pumpkin picking

Greta was determined to carry her own pumpkin back to the wheelbarrow at the edge of the field where we’d left it so we ended up with one small pumpkin (the only one she could lift bless her), one medium and one big. Far more pumpkin than we ever could need, but at £2 each how can you say no?

pickwell farm pumpkin picking pickwell farm pumpkin picking pickwell farm pumpkin picking pickwell farm pumpkin picking pickwell farm pumpkin picking

One of the children’s favourite parts was borrowing a wheelbarrow and taking it in turns to help push and have rides in it. I think they felt like real farmers with their wheelbarrow wellies and dungarees!

pickwell farm pumpkin picking pickwell farm pumpkin picking

After we had selected the perfect pumpkins, we went to look at the corn which was right next to the pumpkin patch. All three children love sweetcorn, especially on the cob, so it was great to show them what it looks like on the plant and choose some to take home and cook for dinner.

Mabel and Greta had a lot of fun running through the tall plants and playing hide and seek, in fact at one point I thought we’d lost them forever and would have to leave them there to become children of the corn ;-).

pickwell farm pumpkin picking pickwell farm pumpkin picking

Since we came home our pumpkins have been making our house look lovely and autumnal and we’ve had a lovely batch of pumpkin soup from them. They have mostly been used as props for the girl’s games though and have been sat on, stood on and rolled around the house before one sadly met a squishy end after being rolled off of the dining table today.

We loved our pumpkin picking trip and we will most definitely be returning next year and most likely every year for a very long time (yep I’m totally going to be that mum who drags her grumpy teenagers along to things they don’t want to do anymore).

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  1. October 16, 2016 / 8:20 pm

    We went to Pickwell last week! It was great fun picking sweetcorn, strawberries and pumpkins! 🙂
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