Our Homeschool Week #2

We are a few weeks into home educating now and we are finally starting to get into the swing of things. Whereas over the Summer we had no routine at all and just took each day as it came, I’ve made a big effort this month to get our days and weeks to flow more easily and the best way I know to do that is to introduce a flexible homeschool routine. The loose structure helps the children, who now have a rough idea of what is going to happen and in what order, and to be honest it makes me happier too. I can’t really explain to you why, but it just makes me feel better to have a few simple routines in our life.

I’ve started trying to capture parts of our weeks in weekly vlogs for our YouTube channel and I will try and write weekly here too about what we have been up to and how things are progressing with our homeschool life. Last week I didn’t manage to write, so I’ve popped both last week’s and this week’s vlog at the bottom on this post.

So, this week… this week was a good week. We started it off with the arrival of a very exciting parcel in the post which just happened to include a pot of live baby caterpillars for us to watch grow and transform into butterflies. I know it sounds a bit odd to receive bugs in the post and be excited about it but it has honestly been amazing to watch them grow and I, ahem I mean the kids, have been fascinated all week. We started off by drawing pictures of them, and I think we will be drawing another picture of them when they reach the chrysalis stage which will hopefully be in the next few days.

On Monday afternoon, Carl’s Mum and Dad came for a visit and Mabel was a very helpful assistant to her Grandad who was fixing our radiator that had somehow managed to fall off the wall. Greta had a go at some maths seeds activities on the iPad and I was impressed with how well she did with the simple counting games.

Tuesday…. I can’t even remember what happened on Tuesday. Ernie had a high temperature over night which resulted in both of us getting roughly 2.6 minutes sleep… I didn’t film anything on Tuesday and I can only guess that there was a very good reason why that was the case, which was most likely that we were having a ‘stay in PJs and play with every toy in the house but don’t put any away’ kind of day. They happen. It’s life. It’s not a part of life that I want to film and share.

On Wednesday we pulled it all back together, or at least we tried to. We dashed to the shops in the morning to buy salt, pipe cleaners and googly eyes for the playdough bugs that we wanted to make. When we got back playdough bugs were made, along with an awful, awful amount of mess. There was flour everywhere. Never ever, EVER, leave a bag of flour unattended with a 2 year old, not even for a minute while you just pop back to the kitchen to get a jug of water. Just don’t do it. Trust me.

On Thursday we went to the park and in an uncharacteristically organised moment, I even packed snacks, drinks, paper and pens and a magazine to take with us. Which was lucky because as soon as we arrived at the park (well after we’d all traipsed behind a tree to let Greta have a wee), it started to rain. Fortunately there are some under cover benches to huddle on and I had enough provisions to keep us occupied for a while until the rain stopped. When we got home of course the sun came out and the rest of the day was lovely and bright. Mabel said ‘Maybe the weather didn’t want us to go to the park today’. We spent the afternoon eating raspberries, reading stories and then pretending to be princesses.

Friday has now been declared library and bakery day, and of course we had to continue our new tradition so we walked down to the shops for a yummy lunch (I resisted a cake this week, go me!) and then to the library to change our books. I found a copy of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ and decided it would be a good starter Roald Dahl book so we took that one home and read it at bedtime. Mabel and Greta were both enthralled by the story, a definite success I would say.

So here’s our first two weekly vlogs, followed by some photos from our Thursday trip to the park.


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