Our Christmas Tree

I love a real Christmas tree and since we’ve had our Children, apart from the one year that I chickened out because we had a toddling 12 month old Greta and a hyper two and a half year old Mabel, we’ve had one every Christmas. But up until now, our methods of choosing the perfect tree have always been questionable at best. It normally involves me sending Carl and Mabel off to the big DIY store on a spur of the moment decision that we must put our tree up TODAY! We can’t fit all five of us plus tree in the car unfortunately, so I have to stay at home to give the front room a last minute tidy… I then receive a phone call as Carl tries to describe the various merits of the trees in front of him, followed by countless photos being sent to my phone before I tell him to just make a bloody decision for once and get whatever he thinks… Yeah, great start to Christmas!

Choosing a real christmas tree

So this year I thought we’d take a different approach to finding our tree, so back in November I did a google search for Christmas tree farms in Hampshire and came up trumps when I found Wylds Farm in Liss. I loved the idea of picking our own tree and watching it being cut down, and they even offered free tractor rides, a BRIO train shed and a gluwhein/hot chocolate bar as an extra bonus! I sent them an email to find out a bit more info, and I got a lovely friendly reply from the owners Sophia and Nick explaining all about how we could pop down in November to tag our Christmas tree and then come back closer to Christmas to pick it up and bring it home.

Choosing a real christmas tree

Tree tagging sounded like such a fantastic idea and I knew straight away that we had to add it to our pre-Christmas traditions. I loved that we could all go together to choose the tree, even if we couldn’t all be there when it was cut down because of car space issues. So on Saturday 26th November, we bundled up the kids in coats and novelty festive hats and squashed ourselves all into the car to make the half hour journey to Wylds farm.

Choosing a real christmas tree

It was such a lovely start to our Christmas festivities and the perfect way to mark the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. While we were there we posted our letters to Father Christmas  at the top of their post box trail which goes through the trees, past a couple of ponies in a field and up a hill before you turn a corner to reveal a gorgeous red letter box. We then had a little play in the BRIO train shed, before grabbing a tag to write our names on and jumping on the next tractor ride that took us up to the field of trees.

We found our tree pretty quickly actually after a few suggestions were rejected by either one or both of the girls, Mabel found one that looked ok, we took a vote on it and were all in agreement… so that was the decision made. Carl popped our tag on the top and we claimed it for our own. Then it was back on the tractor for the bumpy ride back to the bar for hot chocolate and a look around the lovely little gift shop. I wanted to choose a decoration from the shop, and Mabel set her heart on a little white house tea light holder. It was only £4.50, and I quite liked it too, so handed over the money and took that home with us too.

Choosing a real christmas tree

Fast forward a few weeks and a couple of days ago we had all been feeling a bit poorly and full of cold for a while, and although we hadn’t had Greta and Ernie’s joint birthday party yet (which I said we would wait for before we put the tree up), we completely caved and decided to go back and collect our little tree. Carl took Mabel and Greta with him and although he was worried that they would be searching for hours, he says they hunted our tree down really quickly. We had said that we’d leave it outside for a day or two before decorating it but obviously that didn’t happen because we are excitable little children who can’t restrain ourselves when it comes to Christmas, even those of us who are supposed to be responsible adults!

Choosing a real christmas tree

I am so in love with our little tree, for some reason it feel so much more special knowing the we saw it growing in the ground. I joked to Carl last night that it’s like a member of the family and I’ll be sad when it has to go. It’s the nicest tree we’ve ever had, the needles aren’t spikey and it doesn’t look half dead already like some we’ve had. We’ve had hardly any needles drop so far either so I am a very happy Mummy who hasn’t had to up my hovering schedule to more than once a day yet!

Choosing a real christmas tree

These baubles were new last year and I brought them whilst in early stop-start labour with Ernie as a distraction from the ‘when the blooming hell will he actually get here’ feelings that were rife at the time. I have so many photos of him lying on my lap next to the tree as a newborn last year. It was our nightly evening ritual to get ourselves all comfy on the sofa, next to the twinkly lights on the tree and we would feed/snuggle while Carl fed me mince pies on brie and crackers (baby weight, what baby weight?), and so these decorations on our tree will always remind me of my tiny little boy and those hazy newborn days with my last baby.

Choosing a real christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree…

Choosing a real christmas tree

As part of vlogmas that I’ve been taking part in over on YouTube this month, I filmed a video of our Christmas Tree farm experience and one of us decorating the tree when we got it home. I’d love you to have a little watch maybe subscribe to our channel if you want to see more videos from us.

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  1. December 20, 2016 / 3:06 pm

    It is such a lovely way to choose a tree, I wish we had something like near us. I go back and forth with having a real tree and a fake one. This would definitely make me want a real one every year x
    Laura – dear bear and beany recently posted…Tips for Buying Presents For Men…My Profile

  2. Frank
    December 23, 2016 / 6:15 pm

    What a very lovely way to kick off the holiday season! I’ll have to remember to make time to tag a tree in advance so I don’t end up with leftovers next year!

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