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Getting the kids to brush their teeth has always been a bit of a battle for us. Finding a flavour of toothpaste that all the kids like is the first hurdle, and then I have to get over the fact that I’m putting something that’s bright blue and smells like bubblegum in their mouths first thing in the morning and last thing at night…

Jack N Jill Kids recently got in touch and asked if we would like to try their natural, organic toothcare range for Mabel, Greta and Ernie and I crossed my fingers tightly that it would be the answer to all my toothpaste problems.

We were sent a tube each of strawberry, blackcurrant, and (the big winner for me) flavour free. Greta and Ernie loved both the fruity flavours, but Mabel being the little fuss pot that she is turned her nose up at them but was more than happy with the flavour free version. The toothpastes have no colour, contain only natural ingredients and the flavourings they use are certified organic. This is such peace of mind for someone like me who knows how important it is for them to brush their teeth, but doesn’t feel quite right about some of the ingredients in normal toothpaste going into my kids mouths (especially when you know they are going to swallow it rather than spit it out 9 times out of 10).

We were also sent a toothbrush each for all the children. Mabel and Greta love their hippo and dino toothbrushes, the little characters are so cute! The handles are made from 100% corn starch and are compostable so you can break the head off and put the rest of the toothbrush in your own compost bin, or even if you just chuck it away, you know that they will biodegrade over time and not be sat in landfill for millions of years. Considering you are supposed to change your child’s toothbrush every 8 weeks, the amount of plastic toothbrushes that could be used by three children over the course of even 5 years is quite a worrying thought. Jack N Jill products are a great choice if you are concerned not just about the chemicals and materials that your children come into contact with but also with protecting the earth for them and future generations.

Ernie was sent a stage 2 silicone baby toothbrush which is made to be really gentle on baby gums and brand new teeth and is made from a single piece of 100% medical/food grade silicone and is BPA & PVA free. Ernie loves copying us all and brushing his teeth and is quite good now at 16 months at not chewing the brush. He almost has a full set of teeth now so I think it won’t be long until we move him up to a big boy toothbrush like his sisters.

We were also sent a lovely sleepover bag, which will be perfect for taking their toothbrushes and toothpaste with them when they go to stay at Nanny and Grandad’s, and the sweetest little tooth keepers which will be saved for the very exciting day when the girls loose their first teeth!

I only ever share products here that I genuinely think are awesome and I think you will be interested in, and although we were sent these bits to try for free I have no doubt at all that the next time we need toothbrushes and toothpaste I’ll be heading straight to the Jack N Jill website to place my order.

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