Mantras for Motherhood


My Mantras for Motherhood are just my favourite little quotes and sayings that help me to focus on the good, stop beating myself up over things that are out of my control and stop that horrible old Mummy guilt from chatting too loudly in my ear! Because HONESTLY none of us have ANYTHING to feel guilty about! We’re all doing our best right?

I don’t know about you… maybe I’m the only crazy one I don’t know! But I seem to have this annoying voice in the back on my head sometimes that just likes to tell me that I’m doing everything wrong and I’m a terrible Mum and I’m screwing everything up.

So when that crazy voice pops up, rather than listening to it and getting myself down and being really hard on myself…. These mantras just help me to kind of get some perspective and keep it real. Because the pressure we put on ourselves to be ‘the perfect mum’ is unreal, there really is no need for it and it’s really unhelpful, so I say sod off Mummy guilt, I’m doing the best I can and that’s all my children need!

So help yourself to the printable cards by clicking on the link below and let me know if they help you too!




Here are all the posts in the series so far that go into each mantra and what it means to me in more detail…


You can do anything,But not everything (2)
You can do anything, but not everything

do more of what makes you happyToday i will do what i can do, and let that be enoughWhat's done in love is don wellCount your blessings, name them one by one

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