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Welcome back to This Little Big Life! I’ve had a couple of weeks off from writing this post, mainly because of our holiday and general disorganisation, but I’m very happy to be back recording our weekends. This Little Big Life is a project that Sarah from Sarah Rooftops and I started to capture all our weekend memories, with a special focus on the little details and the mundane moments, the small things that individually could easily be forgotten with the passing of time, but when put together make up your wonderful big life.

All you have to do to join in is write a post about your weekend and add it to the linky. Each week Sarah and I both do the same, using photos, video or words, or a mixture of all three to tell the story of our weekends. You can see all of my past posts here.

So on to my weekend…

Saturday was a mixed up funny day. We started the day with plans for the evening, then they were cancelled so we made plans for the afternoon, then we realised Greta was quite poorly and had a high temperature, so we cancelled those plans too and had a pottering at home and in the garden day.

First order of the day was brushing Mabel’s hair. I know that sounds ridiculous but it really is an event! Because she is a beautiful curly girl, her hair gets tangled and matted so easily and she hates me brushing it. Earlier in the week it had got so bad that it took me half an hour of gently brushing it through with half a bottle of conditioner to get the tangles out, so I’ve been trying to keep on top of it ever since. I love her with her hair down and to me it’s part of what makes Mabel, Mabel, but I’ve been trying to put it up recently, just to avoid the tangles as much as possible.

So I’ve been practicing my French plaits, or ‘Elsa hair’ as Mabel calls it. I was never good at doing my own hair, but I’m enjoying the challenge of learning how to do different styles for my girls. And the added extra challenge of trying to do it while they flip their head left and right like they’re watching a tennis match, and then forget what I’m doing and try and run off with my hands entangled in 6 sections of their hair. As you can see below, I’ve clearly gone wrong somewhere on this one… I blame my model!
Mabel's wonky french plait

We then turned out attentions to the garden and Carl began the task of cutting the grass, pulling a few weeds and hacking back the huge lavender bush that grows in the corner and was starting to take over (I use the word hacking for a reason). I absolutely love lavender, and when I saw the huge amount heaped on the ground, I knew I had to do something with it.

Lavender wands were the outcome after a quick google for inspiration and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. The lavender has dried now and they smell beautiful, and the girls love them because I told them they are what flower fairies use to do their magic! I made these on my own and really enjoyed the chance to do something crafty with my hands that requires a bit of concentration but not too much, it was a lovely little pocket of ‘me time’ in a busy day (/week/month/life…).

I’m going to try and make some more with Mabel in the next few days (the lavender bush is frickin’ huge) because she has been asking to do some weaving, and I think it will be a nice quiet one to one activity.

On Sunday we had a plan that I really wanted to carry out, and that was to visit the last open day at Lordington Lavender farm. I had first heard about the farm almost a year ago when we had a family photoshoot at the adjacent cornfield. They had cut all the lavender by that point but I saw a sign advertising the open days that we had just missed and knew that I would have to keep an eye out and come along next year. I’ve been eagerly anticipating our visit to the lavender fields for a long time, so even though none of us were feeling much like an adventure when we got up on Sunday morning, there was no way I was going to miss our only chance for another year!

My plan had been to try and get up and out as early as possible to try and beat the crowds, but anyone with children will know that best intentions don’t mean a lot when it comes to that sort of thing and it was nearly lunch time by the time we left the house. Everyone was a bit tired and a bit hungry, but we hoped that Greta and Ernie would sleep in the car, and we could buy refreshments from the charity cake stall when we got there. It was very hot, and with hindsight I probably shouldn’t have worn jeans and t shirt, but a last minute realisation that I’d only shaved one leg (don’t ask) meant that the skirt I was planning to wear was no longer an option.

So to cut a long story short…. it was busy, really busy, it was roasting hot, we forgot both the buggy and a wrap so Carl had to carry Ernie in his arms, Greta really didn’t want to be there at all and I had to carry her all the way up the longer than I remember hill (ok slight incline in reality but it felt like frickin’ Everest) and listen to everyone whinge and moan that they were hungry. After we had sat in a traffic queue for half an hour to get in, dragged everyone very slowly up the hill and paid £8 to get in, I was already stating to get that ‘what the F are we doing here, lets just go to the pub and have lunch’ feeling. But, we’d made it that far so we pressed on. I’m glad we did because the sight of the lavender field in full bloom was so beautiful, it almost took my breath away. In fact I’m sure it would have done if it wasn’t full of hundreds of other people all doing the same as us, and for the fact that I was quickly distracted by another cry of ‘I’m huuuuuungry!’ and my eye was immediately taken to the huge queue for tea and cake to the side of the field that didn’t seem to be moving at all.

The rest of the visit continued in a similar fashion, with me being the grumpiest I have been in ages (I think I must have declared ‘Let’s just go!’ about 15 times) and everyone else making it quite clear that they weren’t really interested in exploring the lavender and were only here for the cake. I managed to get a couple of good photos in the end, but it wasn’t the romantic vision I had in my head of my children happy and carefree, frolicking in a beautiful fragrant purple field. It was me sweating like a crazy person who had dressed for October when it was in fact July, crouching down in the dirt, surrounded by bees and getting in other people’s way while I tried to take pictures that avoided capturing the girls’ grumpy faces and all of the strangers in the background and shouted ‘OK, I’ll get you some food in a minute!’ Every 30 seconds. Great fun.

I kept up that endeavour for about 5 minutes before admitting defeat and sitting on some hay bales to eat cake and then trudging back down to the car to sit in more traffic to get out and then finally get home with a banging headache and get some proper food. So there you have it, the story behind the Instagram square!


On the way out I sarcastically asked ‘so, who had a good day then?’ And ironically the only person to reply was Greta, the one who had whinged and whined the whole time said ‘me!’, which we all though was pretty funny. Carl pointed out that Greta’s hobby is moaning so she probably did have a lovely time, which made Mabel ask us all what our hobbies are. When she got to me I said ‘err I dunno, taking pictures of you guys I guess’ and Mabel pointed out ‘well that’s good, so you and Greta both got to do your hobbies today then’.


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  1. July 25, 2016 / 5:52 am

    My niece has similar hair to Mabel and its so hard to keep tame. Good attempt at the french plait, I stick Alice in front of an episode of Princess Sofia which is just the right length to get it done without her moving! Why does the picture in our head of a day out never quite happen!!! Life is definitely against us sometimes, thank god for cake x
    Laura – dear bear and beany recently posted…Review: Getting Ready For School With Debenhams…Plus a Fantastic Giveaway!My Profile

  2. July 25, 2016 / 2:15 pm

    We’ve been perfecting French plaits here too, my daughter has very thick hair, we’ve found spraying it with a ton of water helps! Your lavender photos are pretty!

  3. July 29, 2016 / 12:17 pm

    Eeek, I’m so behind this week! Glad that Greta actually did enjoy herself in the end. It does like a lovely outing though shame about the heat! #thislittlebiglife
    Karen : TwoTinyHands recently posted…Under Water Sea Foam Sensory PlayMy Profile

  4. July 29, 2016 / 7:39 pm

    Ooh, the lavender wands look lovely! I don’t think there are any lavender fields around here and Instagram is making me quite sad about that.
    Sarah Rooftops recently posted…This Little Big Life: PotteringMy Profile

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