Ladybird Maths Game FREE PRINTABLE

We’ve started a loose theme of ‘bugs’ this week, and ladybirds always lend themselves to a bit of counting I tend to think, with their spots and symmetry, so I made a simple maths game for the girls to have a go at. There’s also a free download of the ladybird maths game at the end of the post for you to download and print if you’d like to. I know I love things to with the kids that I can just print off and get on with.

Ladybird maths game free printable
You play the game by cutting out the black ‘spots’ at the bottom of the page. Then you count how many spots the ladybird already has on its back, and you count the same amount of spots onto the other side.
Ladybird maths game free printable
You could stop the game here, which is what I did with Greta (on another day because when I took these pictures of Mabel, she wasn’t feeling very cooperative). Or you could move on to the simple addition at the bottom.
Ladybird maths game free printable
Mabel wrote the number of spots on one side of the ladybird in the first gap, then the amount on the other side in the second gap. Then she counted all of the spots on the whole ladybird and wrote the number in the last gap. Then we read the whole sum together ‘4 plus 4 equals 8’.

Ladybird maths game free printable

I like to do worksheets or maths games like this after we have already introduced the concept through something a bit more concrete, like counting out sweets and then adding the  two piles together. I don’t do things like this until I’m pretty certain she can at least grasp the concept, because she interprets it as more of a ‘test’ and gets upset if she can’t do it, or she won’t even try.

If you want to have a go at this ladybird maths game, I’ve linked the pdf below so you can click the picture and print it off. Let me know how you get on with it! I think preschool to reception age children would get the most out of this activity but it can be easily adapted to suit children who are 2, 3, 4 or 5 years old.


Ladybird maths counting game free download

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