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One of last week’s activities was this bug themed invitation to create.

I love open-ended creative activities and I love to encourage my children’s natural creativity. One of my main aims of home educating them, especially in the early years, is to give them lots of time and opportunity and the freedom to create without the pressure of worrying if it’s ‘good enough’. Obviously creativity takes so many different forms, but there’s such a simple joy in making something with your hands.

Invitation to create Free printable bug insect kids preschool craft download

My girls are always dressing up and role playing in their own created imaginary worlds, but they don’t very often sit down on their own accord to actually make something. But if I give them a little prompt, that’s usually all it takes to get them enthusiastically creating. I don’t tell them what to make, but I find that if I provide them with some even slightly exciting looking materials (just some cut up coloured card in this case)and a loose theme, they can’t wait to get stuck in and making. They love having an ‘invitation to create’ and I find it works to spark their creativity and they are soon completely focussed on their creations.

We have been having a look at bugs for the last couple of weeks, and so I decided to cut out some shapes that could make bug body parts, and let them loose with the theme of ‘crazy critters’. I was anticipating some strange looking creations, but Mabel decided to make a surprisingly accurate woodlouse with 6 legs, 2 antennae and 2 eyes, and Greta straight away started arranging the smaller circles into a caterpillar.

I’ve popped the templates that I used to cut out the shapes below, if you’d like to use them to make your own crazy critters invitation to create. Let me know if you give it a go, I’d love to see your creations!


Invitation to create Free printable bug insect kids preschool craft download

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