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One of the questions that I get asked every now and again is do we stop home educating when the schools have their holidays?

It always seems like a bit of a strange question to me but a lot of people think that home educating is more similar to conventional schooling than it really is. It’s not sitting at the kitchen table doing work books!

The answer is no, we don’t. And in fact, we never stop. Our homeschool is open for business 365 days a year. For us, learning is part of life, one can’t be separated from the other, there is no ‘fun time’ and ‘school time’, there is just life. A full and varied life which means that we can’t help but make new discoveries, find things that spike our curiosity and catch our imagination, and of course learn along the way.

So yep, even when we go on holiday, we’re in ‘learning mode’, because learning never ever stops.

Not that the kids would even know they were ‘doing school’ while we are away, to them it’s just a part of life.

And I’m sure even if you don’t home educate, you’re probably the same! If your child comes to you on a Saturday and asks to read a book or make a picture or comes out with one of those awkward questions like ‘how do planes stay in the air?’, you don’t tell them to wait until Monday and ask their teacher do you? Most of us realise that learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom, and in my opinion the most valuable learning happens when we’re out and about in the big wide world.

Any new experience is a learning opportunity, and holidays are chock full of them. Well they do say that travel broadens the mind! Sometimes even just being in a relaxing environment helps to make something click, we pick things up easier when we’re feeling happy and fulfilled. I know last year when we went on our wonderful family holiday to Devon, I was amazed at how much the girls seemed to have grown up by the time we got back.

One of my life goals is to travel as a family for an extended period of time, road-schooling they call it. There are so many parts of the world that I’m yet to discover and I think it would be such an amazing opportunity for the children. Think of all the experiences they could have abroad that we just couldn’t give them at home. Imagine learning about the Romans in actual Rome! There’s nothing more inspiring and engaging than that.

Maybe one day that dream could become a reality, but for now I will make the most of all the out of season breaks we can have since we’re not penned in by the school holiday timetable!

I like to have a few breaks spread out throughout the year, as many as possible and the further afield the better, but this year we only have Camp Bestival in Lulworth on our 2017 travel calendar so far, we’ll have to see where the rest of the year takes us!

So Mark Warner have challenged bloggers to make a holiday must-haves mood board, as part of an application to become a #MarkWarnerMum so we thought we’d have a go… we had a bit of a fail to be honest (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full extent!) let’s just say my creative vision didn’t exactly align with what the kids thought would be fun but…. well just see for yourself.

So, what actually are our Homeschool Holiday Essentials?

A magnifying glass

Perfect for taking a closer look at those plants, bugs and sea creatures that we don’t get back home.

A travel guide

It’s always good to learn a few facts about the local area and it’s a good talking point on the journey there to distract from all the ‘are we nearly there yet’s.

A spotter’s guide

To help you identify any of the interesting creatures or plants that you find.

A tablet and Wi-Fi connection

Google. A home educators best friend. Enough said.

Swimming gear

My kids are little water babies and they love to swim, it’s great exercise and brilliant for co-ordination too – just think of it as your P.E. lesson!


When Mabel’s a bit older I’ll be encouraging her to keep a travel journal/scrapbook whenever we go away. Until she can do it her self then we’ll fill it in together.


We’ll need lots of photos to stick in our journal. I love giving the girls the camera and seeing what they decide to capture.


In case we want to try our hands at a new sport, or go on a hike.

A bucket and spade

There’s a reason that all pre-school and reception classrooms have a sand and water table – so many learning opportunities. Designing and building a sand castle, collecting water and learning about volume

An open mind and enthusiasm

The best thing about a holiday is it takes you out of your everyday surroundings and your comfort zone and if you have an open mind and enthusiasm for new things then you might just learn something new!

This is my entry to be a #MarkWarnerMum and just to give you a laugh, here’s the behind the scenes making of our holiday must-haves mood board..

Join the fun

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  1. February 25, 2017 / 9:21 pm

    I love your behind the scenes video – it is epic 🙂 and a real snapshot of family life!! I’m going to show this to my husband in the hopes he might be inspired by your husband and help me take photos and videos for the blog haha
    Amands recently posted…Goodbye NanMy Profile

  2. February 27, 2017 / 2:06 pm

    Haha this is fab! I love the video and the finished photo with the magnifying glass is so cute! Good luck! x

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