Hi from Butlins!

We are currently in Butlins having a lovely, and crazy busy time as always, I’m already twice as tired as I usually am at home! So this is just a really quick post to let you know that I am attempting to video our little holiday. I will be trying to upload a video every day while we are here, so if you want to hop over to our YouTube channel you can see what we have been up to (but only if you promise not to laugh at me being really awkward talking to the camera).

Here’s our first day, apologies for the actual state of me, I promise I have sorted my hair out today! We left all the packing until the last minute as per usual, and then there was drama (of course there was drama, there’s always drama) when we went to drop our keys through my sister’s letterbox so she can look after our cat, and realised that we don’t actually know which house is definitely hers (she’s recently moved). Anyway, we sorted it eventually and luckily Butlins is only 25 minutes away from us so we got here for about 3pm and still managed to cram in lots of fun.


I am so so tired, It’s now 8pm on our second day and I am about to crawl into bed, but it is so nice looking through the day’s footage and editing it together. It makes you realise that it has all been worth it when you see how much fun everyone has had (obvs because I don’t film things like Greta having a tantrum because Mabel was first to walk through a door, it’s ok, I’m happy to forget those things).



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