Goodbye April, Hello May!

It’s a little bit late, but I wanted to do an update on how my intentions for April panned out, and set some new ones for May. I am a list maker and a planner at heart and it makes me feel happy to see my life planned out on the screen in front of me. So first of all, this is what April looked like in little squares, my favourite pictures from Instagram in the last month….

April Instagram favourites

Not a bad month at all, nice and bright and colourful with a good amount of sunshine in there too! We had a very busy month with not just Mabel’s birthday but one of my sisters and both of the girls’ besties having their birthdays in April too. Here’s a quick look at how I did with my April intentions….

  • Continue trying to claw back some spontaneity in my life. Erm… one time we spontaneously decided to pop into the shop for bread and milk on our way home from somewhere…..Ok so that probably doesn’t count. The truth is we’ve been so busy with planned fun in April that it hasn’t left much time for spontaneous fun. In general though I think we are feeling a lot happier about making last minute plans and I think that has a lot to do with Ernie being 4 (nearly 5, eek!) months old now and life is generally getting a bit easier.
  • Prioritise fun. I feel like I did pretty well at this. I mean it’s awful really that I have to remind myself to be a fun Mum, but it’s really hard when you spend all day, every day with your kids and you have to ask them to pick up their toys/eat their meal/wash their hands/not lick their little brothers face, 1500 times a day (and get ignored 1499 times). But this month I really tried to let all that stuff wash over me and get back to enjoying being a mum, not just getting through it.
  • Look after myself. I think I’ve just started to make a bit of progress with this. I am making myself go to bed earlier and get more sleep, even if that means that I’m blogging less, because as much as I love it, it’s not quite as important to my health and state of mind as getting enough sleep is. I have been making a big effort to get back to making all our dinners home cooked from scratch, which will hopefully be a lot healthier than the frozen beige rubbish I was serving up most nights and yesterday I got up before the kids and did an exercise DVD. Ok so not groundbreaking, but steps in the right direction…..
  • Be a more organised blogger. Nope. This has not happened. But what has happened is I have given up let go a bit, and stopped trying to be a super blogger and just be content with being a blogger. Living our lives has always got to come before blogging about our lives, so at the moment if all I can manage to do is to post a few times a week about what we’ve been up to, then that’s just going to have to be enough. I’ll just have to accept that a lot of posts that I would like to write are only going to exist inside my head for a while, and that’s ok.
  • Maybe possibly start doing something with the house. No progress has been made with this either. I think maybe this is another one of those things that it would be nice to do but then life says ‘HA, you can’t because you have three kids under five, sorry’. I will have a nice house later, for now I’ll save my interiors excitement for adding yet another IKEA storage unit to my collection to house the ever growing mountain of toys that are taking over the house.
  • Give Mabel the best 4th birthday ever! This one I can unequivocally say I nailed, because Mabel told me herself. Much like my world book day fail, I initially felt a bit rubbish for failing to deliver a party straight from a Pinterest board. But, as always, I was put back in my place by little Miss Mabel, who declared it ‘the best party ever’, despite it’s complete lack of home made decorations and cute name cards for all the food.

And here is a video of our lives in April that I made out of all of the little clips of video I took this month….

So how would I like May to look? Here’s my intentions for a marvellous May…

  • Date days with our biggest girl. I really feel like Mabel would benefit from some one on one time with each of us. I’m going to try and organise for her to have a little date with me and one with Carl at some point in May. She seems to be changing so much at the moment and growing up so quickly, I don’t want us to grow apart. We spend all of our time together since she’s shunned preschool, but with the three of them to divide my attention between, it’s not always easy to connect properly, and often we end up clashing instead.
  • Plan themed activities to do with the girls in the week. So with Mabel at preschool age but not at preschool, and Greta who is two years old and becoming more and more inquisitive every day, and both of them at home full time, I need to up my game when it comes to keeping them entertained. They are really good at playing together at their imaginative games, but when they get bored of that (or Mabel gets fed up of Greta not being able to read her mind and do everything exactly how she wants her to), if we don’t have anywhere to go, or an activity ready to direct them into, they start laying into either the house, or each other. So I’m planning to put some of my childcare experience to good use and plan a few activities around a weekly theme, which will hopefully keep their attention away from destroying for just a little while and channel their enquisitive minds and creativity into something Mummy finds a little less soul destroying than covering the bathroom in pink hair dye.
  • Have a night out with Carl. This month I would love to have a bit of time as just us. It’s not something I’ve ever particularly craved before, we spend pretty much all of our time together when Carl isn’t at work anyway, and always have done, so even when the kids came along I never really felt deprived of time with my husband. But since we’ve had Ernie, we’ve quickly found out that when there are more children than adults in the house, there’s always one of them, that needs something from us, and if it’s not one of them, there’s always something that needs doing around the house, or a blog post to write. We can go days without managing to finish a conversation between us. It would be nice to have a couple of hours together away from all that. Now just to convince somebody to babysit!
  • Start running. So I mentioned that I have done one workout at home so far, and I want to carry on doing them whenever I can, but what I really want to build up to is getting back to running. I am really seriously unfit at the moment and will most likely start the couch to 5 k program again from near the beginning, but I really think there is nothing more mood boosting and stress reducing than getting outside in the fresh air for a run. I’d love to be able to say that I’d been for a couple of runs by this time next month.

And that’s all really, I don’t want to be too ambitious, I’ve come to realise that this stage of my life is mostly just about surviving and trying to squeeze as much fun into the gaps as possible.



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  1. Derek Alsford
    May 6, 2016 / 4:15 pm

    Let us know when you want us to baby sit.

  2. May 7, 2016 / 4:35 am

    Lovely photos! You achieved a lot in April. I love that your daughter had the best birthday, just shows we sometimes try too hard, children are just happy to celebrate! Good luck with this month, especially starting running again, that’s something I’d like to do again but I’ll have to wait till winter and it cools back down!

  3. May 22, 2016 / 2:43 pm

    Good luck with the C25k app. I started in January and literally trying to run for 60 seconds killed me. However I can now run 5k comfortably – it really does work!!!!
    I like 1 on 1 dates too, I think it’s important for the kids. Looks like her birthday was awesome
    Good luck and thanks so much for linking up xxx

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