For the love of pumpkins

Well, pumpkin season is in full swing, and I couldn’t let October go past without sharing some photos from our trip to the pumpkin patch at Pickwell Farm in Netley.

Despite what it looks like in these photos, it was really busy when we visited on a Sunday morning in mid October and I must admit, I did enjoy it a little bit less this year for this reason. Last year we went at the beginning of October and there were only a few other families there with us, in fact we pretty much had the field to ourselves for a while and the children had loads of fun running around to their hearts content while I snapped away on the camera.

I’m not a fan of busy places with kids, it immediately puts me slightly on edge, so although we still had fun, I think we’ll be visiting early in the month and on a week day next year so we can make the most of it.

It’s so fun to have family traditions and places that you go back to every year isn’t it? We could all reminisce about Ernie being tiny last year and just sitting in the middle of the pumpkins grinning. This year he charged around the field shouting ‘PUMPKIN!’ at everything.

If you’re interested in adding a bit of education to your pumpkin activities, we found a lovely book that explains the whole process of growing a pumpkin. It’s called From seed to Pumpkin by Wendy Pfeffer. Of course we also had a go and sketching and dissecting our pumpkins at home and had a good look at all the different parts.

I really want to sort our garden out next year and build some planters for vegetables and I’m seriously considering attempting to grow our own Pumpkin for Halloween 2018. Of course we’ll still visit Pickwells though for one of our favourite autumn activities, it just has to be done.

I’m really keen for the children to learn about where their food comes from and how it grows and I think a nice veg patch next year will give them a level of responsibility too that they are more than ready for. Although I don’t know much at all about growing your own, so I think I need to put in a fair bit of research before I get Carl doing any landscaping in the garden!

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