My first Baby and Toddler Show experience

Last Saturday my sister Rachael very kindly took Ernie and I to the Baby and Toddler Show at Sandown Park with her free tickets that she got from Emma’s diary. Even after 3 babies, I’d never been to a baby show before. That’s mostly for damage limitation reasons, because I am probably one of the easiest people in the world to sell to face to face. Honestly, I’m a sales person’s dream, I’ll buy anything pretty much, just to be nice. I must have got better at this though because I walked away from lots of really cool stuff because I knew Ernie was getting a bit too big and wouldn’t get much use out of it, and only came home with three purchases which I am really happy with.

There were a few brands there that I really loved, my favourite was Rockin’ Baby, which was a new discovery for me, and I love the little pair of blue and yellow leggings/joggers that I got for Ernie.

I wasn’t expecting to love the baby and toddler show as much as I did, so stupidly I didn’t take my camera with me, and I didn’t even take any pictures on my phone, but when I got home I decided that I definitely wanted to blog about it because we had a really good time. So instead of a long post, I’ve made a little video about it. It’s a bit cringe, there’s a lot of rambling, and Ernie and Greta decided to get involved as well, but I hope you enjoy watching it anyway. And if you don’t, then please don’t be mean!

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  1. April 26, 2016 / 10:11 am

    Love that phonics set from Usborne, D would really like that I think!

    We tried a baby carrier out for the show last time I went and it was such a good idea, gave a great insight into whether the carrier would suit me and Little B (it did, their marketing worked and I bought one…).

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