Father’s day gift ideas for Dads who have enough socks

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday 19th June and I’ve been having a look around for alternative and fun presents to give Carl . I love buying presents, but sometimes I lack a bit of inspiration when it comes to the men in my life. Socks, wallets and ties are good and fine, but I’ll be honest I’m bored of giving them so it must be ever so boring receiving them every year! So I thought I’d share with you a few of my more exciting finds for the Super Dads in your lives.

Sugru starter kit

Sugru starter kit

When I first heard about Sugru, I knew it would be right up Carl’s street. It’s a mouldable glue that sets hard, you can use it to stick pretty much anything to anything, or you can mould things out of it and use it for all kinds of home hacks and little fixes. The starter kit includes 5 sachets of Sugru in a metal tin, and a booklet full of ideas of how you can use it, like making little holders for your charging cables on the side of your desk, or my personal favourite, making a tablet holder on the wall above your kitchen worktops. We have been sent a Sugru starter kit to review, so I will be letting you know how we got on with a couple of projects around our house soon. Most likely, as soon as Carl get’s his hands on it, we’ll end up with Sugru everywhere for everything, if I know him at all!

A Sugru starter kit is £10 from sugru.com




YesMum Pops Cards


YesMum cards are the brain child of Hollie de Cruz, founder of London Hypnobirthing, positive birth educator, and one of my favourite Instamums to follow. I love daily positive affirmations, and they have got me through so many of the hard times since I’ve become a Mum, right back from when I was pregnant with Mabel, trying to convince myself that my body really could grow and then birth a healthy beautiful baby, and up till now when I need a bit of encouragement to remember that I’ve got this Mum of three thing down and it’s all good (especially when I really haven’t and it’s not all good at all). I could go on all day about hypnobirthing, meditaion and relaxation and positive affirmations, but perhaps that’s another post. So back to the matter in hand, these YesMum Pops cards are positive affirmations especially for Dads, and I think that’s great! You just turn over a new one each morning and keep it in your mind all day, as Hollie puts it ‘a tiny fist-pump to yourself: a reminder that you are doing the best job at fatherhood you can’. I know that Carl is very unlikely to join me on the yoga mat for a bit of meditation, or start repeating affirmations to himself out loud because he would feel silly, but these are very discrete and I don’t think he would object at all.

You can pick up your YesMum Pops cards from London Hypnobirthing for £10.50

Breaking Dad T Shirt


I just love this T shirt from Parent Apparel who I came across on Instagram with their range of hilarious clothing and bags for Mums and Dads. I love a bit of Mama Merch, I don’t mind at all having the fact I’m a parent emblazoned across my chest and I think it’s about time that Carl joined in. This T shirt is instantly cool because of the Breaking Bad reference, and it’s funny because it’s true, they really are breaking him, piece by piece!

You can get the broken man in your life this T shirt from here for £26


Dadding It Sweatshirt




Another great piece of Dad clothing here from Selfish Mother, I can’t explain why I like it, it just makes me smile. Well, actually the best thing about these sweatshirts is that from every one that is bought, £15 is donated straight to Prostate Cancer Uk, a brilliant charity really worth supporting and very relevant to the men in our lives.

You can get your sweatshirt here for £45

DADA Print



The girls both said Mama first when they started babbling, so Carl was really excited and proud this week when Ernie said Dada for the first time, before even a hint of Mama has crossed his lips. Was it the same in your house or the other way round? I think Carl would love a Dada print to brighten up his man cave, that is if I was the sort of wife that would allow him to have such a thing… It would look great on his desk at work though, and a lovely reminder of why he is there working so hard I think. These prints come from the beautiful, talented and all round amazing person (who also just so happens to be my sister…) Rachael Kellett, and she also has Mama t shirts and bags and Baba t shirts in her store, you should definitely go check it out.

A Dada print is only £5 (without frame) and you can pick one up here.

Now I’m at the end of this list, I feel like maybe this is mainly things that I would like Carl to have and his perfect present would actually be more like steak and chips for dinner, some bottles of his favourite ale and a lie in the next morning… Oh well, he can have both!

What do you think of my list? Let me know if you’ve seen any amazing dad gear that I’ve missed, I’m always on the look out!

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  1. June 7, 2016 / 7:14 pm

    Your sister is one talented lady, I love these, along with everything else she makes. I love all the jumpers from Selfish Mother, I was lucky enough to get one for christmas. I would love Andy to wear this, but I just can’t see it happening! Fab ideas x
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