Ernest at 6 Months


I can’t quite believe that I am writing this already, but on Wednesday my handsome little man, Ernest John, my little baby boy turned 6 months old. I don’t know if it’s because I’m busier now or maybe because he’s most probably my last baby I’m hyper aware and definitely more emotional about moments that have passed and we can’t relive, but this first half a year seems to have whizzed past even quicker with Ernie than it did with either of his big sisters.




All of a sudden he is wriggling around on the floor until he gets stuck under the coffee table, and somehow moving himself (mostly backwards) across the room to find the nearest thing that he’s not supposed to have so he can chew it to oblivion with his two bottom teeth. From nowhere he’s up on his hands and knees rocking backwards and forwards like he’s hoping that one day his arms and legs will know what to do and he’ll suddenly start moving forwards. And he’s gone from one day cooing and gurgling like a newborn to the next day babbling gagas and dadas like he knows exactly what he’s saying.




He’s certainly taken us all by surprise, and when he started grabbing food out of our hands and off of our plates, desperately trying to get it into his mouth, Carl and I had a moment of ‘surely it’s not that time already?’ before giving in to the fact that it’s probably just cruel not to start offering him some food now. So he’s been trying his first pieces of fruit and vegetables with mixed reactions when he actually manages to get something into his mouth.




His little personality is starting to shine through, and he is just the smiliest and most laid back little guy. He’s definitely starting to recognise people and anyone who isn’t Mummy or Daddy might be met with a bit of a cry if they come too near when he’s in the wrong mood. But most of the time if you smile at him, you’ll be met with a smile and he’s happy to go to other people for a cuddle. That is until he see’s Mummy or Daddy and decides it’s time to go back and then he will let you know by reaching out and trying to launch himself towards us.




At 6 months, Ernie is loving….

  • Cuddles
  • His sensory book
  • Mummy, Daddy, Mabel and Greta
  • Watermelon, strawberries and cucumber
  • His activity cube
  • Being held under the arms so he can stand up and bounce ferociously up and down
  • Milk from Mummy
  • Dexter the cat
  • His squeaky panda toy
  • Anyone who smiles at him




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  1. June 12, 2016 / 12:59 pm

    Awww so lovely and look at that cheeky smile. 6 months is such a bittersweet milestone isn’t it? I am well aware that my little boy is going to grow so quickly, he is 8 weeks tomorrow and I feel like crying because it is going too quickly and smiling cause of all the exciting stages we have to come! xx

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