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We didn’t really have any plans for Easter Monday, except doing a food shop and having a roast for dinner. But when we woke up, it was a beautiful day, so I decided that we couldn’t waste it. We thought we’d pop up to Queen Elizabeth Country Park for a quick walk before heading to Aldi.

When we got there (after changing Ernie in the car because he’d pooed all over himself), we found that they had some Easter activities going on, which was a lovely bonus and I was immediately really happy that we’d made the effort to come down. The first thing we did was buy rubber eggs in the gift shop that the girls decorated with sharpies, ready to roll down the hill.




Then we spotted that there was face painting on the other side of the room, so Mabel and Greta each chose a design to go on their cheek. When the lady asked Greta what she wanted she just declared ‘Yellow!’ before clarifying that it was in fact a bumble bee that she was thinking of.




And Mabel predictably went for a pink butterfly.


mabel butterfly


There was a puppet show starting soon but we realised that we didn’t really have time to watch it, so we headed straight up the hill.





We only got half way up before little legs got tired and little arms got impatient to start chucking rubber eggs, so we stopped there.




Most of my photos after that are a bit of a blur, as they both ran up and down the hill, throwing their egg and running after it. Mabel developed a bit of a ‘winding up’ technique, like a baseball pitcher, which Greta tried to copy in her own hilarious little way. Who would have thought that so much fun could come from a hill and a little rubber egg?





After a good while of hillside frolicking, Mabel proclaimed that she was running out of energy, and she needed a drink. Of course I didn’t have a drink with me, that would be sensible, but I did have some sweets (what this says about my Mothering ability I don’t want to know). So we sat down to eat them, before heading off back down the hill for the self imposed agony of food shopping with three kids in tow (and a promise of a drink from Aldi to keep them going).




children on hilside


It really was a lovely little outing and I hope we remember to go back next year for more egg rolling. Of course we’ll be back before then, and I won’t be surprised if the rubber eggs get taken back for another go. Eggs are not just for Easter my friends….


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  1. April 3, 2016 / 7:33 am

    Aw gorgeous photos of your girls, especially the ones at the bottom. The one of Mabel with her face paintd is just beautiful. I have heard so much about egg rolling but had never heard of it until this easter- I think we will have to try it next year. I love those impromptu days out- Easter Monday had awful weather for us this year unfortunately. x

  2. April 3, 2016 / 8:02 am

    I’d love to have a go at egg rolling & your day sounds pretty perfect (with the exception of food shopping with children in tow)!

  3. April 3, 2016 / 11:10 am

    It looks like you had such a lovely day. I have a feeling we have looked at going to Queen Elizabeth Country Park before but have never quite got there – we’ll get there one day! x
    Donna recently posted…Review: Dreamland – MargateMy Profile

  4. April 4, 2016 / 9:42 pm

    What a lovely day you had there is nothing quite like a bank holiday weekend. Gorgeous little family xx

  5. April 5, 2016 / 6:58 pm

    Fun day out! I love your pictures even if you say they are blurry! I remember egg rolling as a kid with a real egg. There was always one not boiled, a sort of prize if you ended up with it!!
    Karen recently posted…A Brand New Day Week TwoMy Profile

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