Dear Santa…

Last week we sat down for one of our first Christmas traditions of the year, writing our letters to Father Christmas. I wanted Mabel to have a go at writing some of it herself this year so I made her a special word mat with photos of some toys that I knew she liked with their names underneath so she could copy them if she wanted to. Greta cut pictures out of the Toys R Us book and stuck them on a piece on paper so that she could do something herself, and I wrote down what they wanted me too as well. We used this printable from because I liked that there was a space at the top to write all the good things you have been doing this year.
writing letters to santa

Mabel’s number one toy that she’s after this year is a code-a-pillar, along with any and every accessory that you can think of to go with her baby dolls. Greta is wishing for some Ben and Holly play sets, in particular the Elf Rocket, after developing a bit of an obsession with the Little Kingdom and watching it incessantly on Netflix for about a month now. If Ernie could talk, I’m pretty sure he would be asking for some balls, some cars, and anything he can hit things with and make a really loud noise.

writing letters to santa

We took our letters up to Wylds Farm, where they have made a woodland trail to a special red post box, hidden amongst the christmas trees at the top of a hill. The girls loved following the red signs all the way to the top, and it added an extra sprinkle of magic and adventure to sending our letters on their way to Father Christmas. I hope this is a tradition we can keep going for many years to come.

writing letters to santa

Yesterday, a letter was waiting for the children from Father Christmas when they woke up and came downstairs. Mabel was very happy to hear Father Christmas complimenting her on her writing and observing that she must be enjoying doing home school with Mummy. Greta wasn’t so keen on the letter to start with to be honest and when I read out that Father Christmas was glad she was practicing her running (as she wrote in her letter), it was met with a pouty lip and a foot stamp ‘No, I NOT running anyMORE!’. I don’t understand her sometimes, but then she’s two, I don’t think I’m meant to. She soon came around a bit and both girls were very excited when they learnt that Holly the Elf would be returning to our house for the third year in a row very soon.

writing letters to santa

Greta has watched The Elf on the Shelf movie at least once a day for the last week, so she’s pretty excited about our very own scout Elf coming to stay. I don’t think she remembers Holly’s visit last year, but this year she absolutely understands everything about Christmas and she’s pretty excited. The only thing she doesn’t understand is that we still have quite a while to go in little people terms before the big day is here. I know it’s a long time to wait for a nearly three year old, hopefully we can make the next few weeks full of excitement so she’s preoccupied with that and not where the chuff her presents are!

writing letters to santa

And as for me, what am I asking Santa for this Christmas? I am going to be totally corny here, but I just want everyone to be happy. I want to jam pack our festive season with as many special family moments together and as much fun and laughter as I can. I want to do my best to counteract the commercialism of the holiday (although I totally succumb to it myself) and focus on it being the season of giving and kindness. I want my children to feel totally swept up in the magic of Christmas and that lovely warm fuzzy feeling, and most of all I want them to feel loved beyond measure by all of the important people in their lives. And ok, if you’re going to push me… I wouldn’t be unhappy if this lens for my camera found it’s way into my stocking 😉

posting letters to santa

The person who’s Christmas letter I would really love to have a peak into is Carl’s. I just can’t think of what to get him. He has been an absolute rock for us this year, I mean he always is, but this year he has truly held us all together. He has been so strong for all of us at times when I have crumbled and he’s pitched in to do whatever was needed to set me straight again. Honestly, there’s no present really that seems good enough for him, nothing to convey the strength of my gratitude. Not that I can afford anyway… I mean I’m sure a Ferrari would do the job but it’s just slightly out of budget.

posting letters to santa

Today is not just the first day of December by the way, it’s also the first day of Vlogmas! Once again I’ve over-committed and signed up to upload a new video on our YouTube channel every day from now until Christmas Eve. I’m so excited about capturing as much of our Christmas preparations as I can! For our first video I have popped up this super cute little one of us writing and posting our Christmas letter and I really hope you watch it. If you want to follow our vlogmas antics please subscribe to us on YouTube, it would make us very happy.

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  1. Katie
    December 1, 2016 / 7:16 am

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about your elf. We are on year 3 of doing it and my big girl remembers everything, thank goodness for Pinterest. You’re so good at taking lots of video, do you use a particular app to put it all together? X

    • Louise
      December 4, 2016 / 10:49 pm

      It’s so fun isn’t it? Thank you, I just use iMovie on my iPhone, it’s really easy to use xx

  2. December 1, 2016 / 10:31 pm

    Ah is your elf called Holly??? I love this trail to find the post box, its so cute. I know what you mean about buying a present, I feel the same about Andy. I would be a mess on the floor without him this year and there is no present worthy to say thank you x

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