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nutty putty review

If you haven’t heard of them, Wicked Uncle is a website specialising making it easy to find awesome gifts for all the kids in your life. When I’m buying presents for my niece and nephews or friends children, I always like to find something they are going to really love. I’d rather give a gift that is going to be used and enjoyed time and again than a flash in the pan toy that will get oohs and ahhs on the big day but quickly be forgotten after a few days. Do you know what I mean? As a parent as well, I absolutely love it when the kids get presents that are an activity or a game that we can all do together. The amount of times though I’ve just resorted to a gift card because I have no idea where to find cool stuff for 9 year old boys, or 7 year old girls….

Wicked Uncle recently got in touch and asked if we’d like to road test their website and some of the creative gifts on offer and of course, we were delighted to take on the challenge.

wicked uncle review

Finding something suitable was super easy because you can sort the products by boy/girl/all, age and category. Mabel has her 5th birthday coming up, so we selected toys for 5 year old girls in the ‘creativity’ section. The first product that caught my eye was a bright and colourful box of ‘Nutty Putty’, we also added a pack of kinetic sand because I was so curious about it from videos I’d seen, and a lovely little tin of colouring pencils with a sharpener in the lid that I knew Mabel would love because she is forever drawing pictures. You can choose to have your present gift wrapped and add a greetings card or a gift message which is great if you don’t live near and you want to send it straight to the recipients.

It arrived quickly and I was really impressed to see that it came with an easy ‘fill in the blanks’ thank you card for the person who sent your gift. This kind of thing is perfect for us because I always forget to send any sort of cards so making it super easy is a big thumbs up from me!

wicked uncle review

Mabel and Greta absolutely loved the Nutty Putty and we all had a lot of fun creating little works of art together. It cuts and moulds easily and it’s not sticky like playdough or plasticine so it doesn’t leave any mess behind. We decided to bake our creations in the oven so we could keep it forever, which only takes 10 minutes. I was expecting it to be hard and brittle when done but it is rubbery with still a bit of flexibility. Mabel made a flower and a lolly pop and Greta made a car and a couple of balls (which bounced quite high!).

We all loved using a new material to craft with, and we’re looking forward to having another go with it again soon.

nutty putty review

The kinetic sand is just amazing. You can mould it, cut it, shape it, squish it. It’s one of those things that you can’t quite describe but it’s an amazing material to play with. I gave the girls some baking moulds and cutters to use with it and they had so much fun using it in their games. It doesn’t go everywhere like normal sand because it all sticks together so it’s pretty easy to clear up, but again like the nutty putty it doesn’t stick to anything.

kinetic sand review

Kinetic sand is another one that I know we will get out time and time again to fill a rainy afternoon or keep the little ones occupied while I’m making dinner. Even Ernie had a go with this one and he loved it too, although oviously I have to keep a bit of a closer eye when he’s involved!

kinetic sand review

One of my favourite things to do with the kids is to give them an open ended activity like this, a creative material for them to let their imaginations roam with. They get so involved in the creative process, the language they come out with is incredible and you can literally see the cogs turning in their heads as they excitedly try to make their plans into reality. Resources like Nutty Putty and Kinetic sand are so valuable, and a fantastic catalyst for learning through play. What are your favourite materials to get creative with?

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