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Saturday was an extremely lazy day in our house. Outside was bitterly cold, we were all feeling slightly under the weather and I think to be honest suffering with the belated January blues. January was actually a great month for us, we cracked on with lots of decorating in the house, we ordered new sofas and a new bed, we did some entertaining and spent lots of time with family and we still managed a couple of nice days out even though we were so busy. And when February came along we kind of ran out of steam I guess. The first week was a wash out weather wise and then the temperature dropped and being cold always makes me grumpy, and living with half decorated rooms is a little bit depressing to tell the truth. So we’ve been in a little bit of a February slump.

So on Saturday morning we woke up and none of us really had any desire to get up and go anywhere so we had one of those amazingly unproductive days that make you feel a little bit guilty but at the same time you secretly love them. At midday we all ended up back in our new super king sized bed for random snuggles before going downstairs for an extremely unhealthy but ultimate comfort food of super noodles for lunch. I promise we don’t do this all the time but it was shamefully good to be absolute slobs for the day.

As you can see each child’s chosen attire for the day was slightly…random. Ernie had on an I heart NY tee and PJ bottoms, oh and a massive lump on the side of his almost bald head that made him look even more of a thug than usual. Mabel decided to team her unbrushed hair with a floral dress because why not? And Greta went for the classic sheep onesie, pink backpack combo. They make quite a fine picture I’m sure you’ll agree.

Apart from laying in bed and eating beige food, a lot of the day was spent on the joint project of turning this huge cardboard box (thanks Amazon, it was only a duvet) into first a space rocket called Melissa to take Astronaut Mabel on her mission to place a rover on the moon. (‘Daddy, I’m going to leave a robot on the moon so it can send pictures back down to earth’ ‘err…. ok!’) And then into a train, the Melissa Express, headed straight to fairy land.

This of course involved cutting out circles of paper and gluing them inside the box as buttons and controls, and decorating the outside of the box with drawings of unicorns and monsters, and kisses, lots of kisses. When they ran out of fuel, well the bookcase had to be emptied of ‘petrol’ and chucked into the box so they could continue on their way. Choo Choo!

Now I love toddlers, and I say all the time that I’m really going to be sad when that stage is behind us forever, but my favourite thing about the next stage is the amazing imaginations that they grow! I have been known to be a little bit obsessed with making sure we make the most of our weekends and that we always get out and explore new places and have exciting adventures… but we really didn’t have it in us this Saturday to go out anywhere, and it looks like the kids managed to do all of that anyway, all thanks to a cardboard box!


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  1. February 14, 2017 / 7:11 am

    You can’t beat a cardboard box to bring hours of entertainment. When we moved house our house was full of boxes and as they emptied the girls loved it. X
    Laura @dearbearandbeany recently posted…A Trip Down Memory Lane…My Profile

  2. February 14, 2017 / 8:19 pm

    I love that Mabel’s fashion sense was so very, very 90s grunge that day – she gives me hope for their generation. 😉

    We spent a good few hours scribbling all over a huge cardboard box today, too. Amazing how much fun kids can find in them.
    Sarah Rooftops recently posted…Things: A Stream of ConsciousnessMy Profile

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