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Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Memory Lane

When you’re rushing around in the midst of the chaos of family life, it’s really easy to take for granted the precious little moments that you share with your children in the normal day to day. Channel Mum and Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons, asked me to take a moment to sit down with Mabel and talk about our favourite special moments that we share together, and it was really lovely to sit and chat about not just the things we do together that I treasure, but also the little moments that mean a lot to her. I know that when all my children are grown up, my fondest memories of this time will be the ordinary things that we did together. Whether it’s the hours I spend brushing the tangles out of her hair and chatting away about anything and everything just to distract her enough to stay still, the bedtime cuddles we share when we chat about our day and I hold her in my arms, just like when she was a baby, and wait as long as it takes for her body to relax and her breathing slow down and she drifts away to dreamland, or the silly selfies and videos that we take on my phone, pulling funny faces and making each other laugh. These are the truly precious moments of joy that we share, you know those ones that when you think of them you feel all warm and fuzzy and you can’t help but smile.


To give you more of that lovely warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling, Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons have developed an exciting new tool called ‘Memory Lane’ which uses 360 technology to save your favourite photos and give them a life outside of your camera roll by making them into a really lovely video. If you go to you can select up to seven photos to be made into your very own personalised 360 video which when you watch it, makes you feel just like you are walking down an old fashioned cobbled street and seeing all of your special family photos on the posters and billboards. It’s really easy to use and we loved making and watching our Memory Lane video together. We would love to see yours too so make sure you get sharing and tagging @ChannelMum and #ButtonsMemoryLane on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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This video was sponsored by Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons but all views and opinions expressed in this video are my own and I only ever work with brands I truly love.

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