You can do anything, but not everything

Mantras for Motherhood


Mantras for Motherhood is my new blog series, where I talk about the little quotes and phrases that get me through life as a mum to three little ones, get me focussing on the good stuff and keep mama guilt at bay as much as possible. I love a motivational quote on a Monday morning, facebook and Instagram are full of them, but to be honest most of the offerings that float around my timeline don’t really apply to my life… it’s hard to get ‘fired up’ about ‘smashing my goals’ or ‘reaching my dreams’ when my goal is just to get everyone dressed so we can go to the shop and get milk, and my dream is to get to bedtime without any major calamities… shoot for the moon indeed.

So I’ve been saving little quotes that really do help whenever I find them, and they have evolved into six mantras that I look at most days and even better than that, if I’m having a crappy day, if I’m stressing over something or feeling like a rubbish mum, I can usually find a mantra that will help me out and give me some perspective on the situation.

Each week (on a Monday from next week onwards) I will be introducing you to one of my mantras and what it means to me. Some of them I have done a facebook live chat about, so I will put the video in where I can, and even better than that… I have made you a printable version of my mantra cards for you to print off and use at home if you want to! Just click HERE to find all the posts in the series, and the link to your free printable download.

So, onto today’s mantra…


You can do anything, but not everything

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I will always ALWAYS, focus in on the things I didn’t do rather than the things I did. I could have had an absolute super mum day, I could have done 3 loads of washing, 4 different crafts with the kids, been to the shops and cooked a healthy nutritious meal for dinner…. But I WILL find the one thing that I “failed” on and beat myself up over that.

But the truth is you can’t do everything, and you really don’t need to! You’ll run yourself into the ground if you try, and nobody wants a Mum who’s exhausted and stressed, running around trying to be all things to all people.

But it’s hard to keep that perspective isn’t it? Especially when you look at social media and you see all these amazing mums, totally rocking motherhood in their own way… you can get a bit side tracked thinking that their way is better than your way, and you need to start doing everything that they do, as well as everything that you need to do to keep your family life ticking over. But the truth is that everyone has a different situation, you don’t know theirs and they don’t know yours.

Here’s an example…

This weekend, my house had got to the stage… I have three children and we are at home a lot because they don’t go to school or preschool or anything, so it’s never a show home, I definitely don’t have a typical bloggers home… but it had got to the really grubby stage where I was like ok this is actually kind of embarrassing now and bordering on a health hazard… so we had to clean it up a bit this weekend. Just do the bits you never have time to do with kids like wash the skirting boards, dust behind the tv, chuck away all the old post and 6 month old receipts that are littered all over the place… sneak the mcdonalds and kinder egg toys into the bin when no one’s looking…

So anyway, we decided to spend the weekend giving the house a bit of a spring clean, so we didn’t go out much, we just went out for some dinner on Saturday afternoon and we just cracked on with tidying. And by last night I was pretty proud of myself and I’m thinking yes, I have a clean house,  I am now a ‘proper mother’, let’s enjoy the next five minutes because it’s not going to last long! But then I went onto Facebook, and straight away my bubble is popped and it’s like a slap around the face, there’s one of my friends taking her kids on a lovely trip to the beach, there’s another one having fun family time at the swimming pool… and straight away I’m feeling crappy because my poor neglected kids didn’t get to go to the beach or the swimming pool this weekend… I mean they are totally happy because they’ve never had so much ipad time in one weekend! And I was happy because now my house is clean and I feel like I can breath again…. But my point is there’s always SOMETHING to beat yourself up over but you just have to remember you can’t do everything all of the time. We will go and have family adventures next weekend, with a clean-ish house to come back to afterwards.

But here’s the dirty little secret… do you know how many times I’ve put pictures up of me and my family having the time of our lives out in the countryside, carefree and frolicking on a hillside, or jumping in puddles in the woods, or throwing stones into the sea at the beach, but what those photos don’t show is the sink full of washing up at home or my grubby skirting boards and dusty picture rail…. because that day we had chosen fun over cleanliness, because you honestly, HONESTLY can’t do everything. So it’s about time that we tried to stop comparing ourselves to other people (I know it’s so hard, I haven’t managed to stop yet) and just realise that you can do ANYTHING, you can be any kind of mum you want to be… you can have a spotless house and take the kids on adventures and teach them to ride a bike and go to the gym and make homemade organic meals and start a business and write a blog and redecorate the front room and anything at all that you want to do…. but just not all on the same day.

Louise xx (2)


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  1. August 27, 2016 / 5:44 pm

    True words lovely you can’t do it all – we have lots of adventures and rarely stay indoors but as a result iv always got a messy house, piles of washing etc and I do feel a little embarrassed by what people think when they visit BUT I can’t do it all and while my girls are young I choose to play!! The mess can wait!
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