Bug Themed Continue the Pattern Worksheet

This week I made a bug themed activity based around repeating patterns. Mabel has talked about patterns before, noticing when two alternating colours repeated themselves and I’ve heard her calling out colours and making patterns when she is using the threading beads, so I wanted to explore this a little bit more with her.

Bugs continue the pattern worksheet printable download
We had a chat about what she was supposed to do while I cut out the spare bugs and then she started completing the patterns one line at a time. She picked it up really quickly and didn’t need any help after my initial explanation. Greta also had a go at the first two lines with my help, before going to play with the playmobil when she’d had enough.
Bugs continue the pattern worksheet printable download

This activity is great for developing problem solving skills and understanding patterns will not help with learning how large numbers work and also times tables.

When Mabel had finished I printed out another sheet and cut out all the bugs so that she had a big  set to make her own patterns with. She really enjoyed this part of the activity and spent a long time calling out the colours as she arranged the bugs in different orders.

Bugs continue the pattern worksheet printable download
Have a go at this activity with your little one by clicking the link bellow and printing the worksheet. Suitable for ages 2 and up with a lot of adult assistance.

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  1. September 24, 2016 / 11:40 am

    Hi Louise,
    I’ve just read your blog about the Zany zebras. I am one of the zebra sponsors, mural designer, interior designer and mum of 2. My zebra is Carpe Diem/16 on the trail map.
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    I’d love to invite you to enter and if you feel that you’d like to share it on your blog too then that would be wonderful.
    I’m happy to give you any further info that you require and if you’d like to see more on the zebra back story you can find it on my website. I’ve put the link below.
    Karen Chapman

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