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Carl, Louise, Mabel, Greta and Ernest

We are a young family of five from sunny Hampshire and when we aren’t sitting amongst the bluebells, looking like we’re straight out of a catalogue…. during the week we will mostly be found at home doing playdough and puzzles in our pyjamas, or at the park feeding the ducks and putting the swings to good use. At the weekends we love going on our little adventures to explore new places both near to home and a little bit further afield.

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We have always followed our instincts when it comes to raising our little people, and because of that I don’t like to say that we follow any particular parenting philosophy, but we have naturally drifted towards what I like to think of as respectful and responsive parenting based on a secure attachment and connection between us and the children. Yes breastfeeding, bed-sharing and babywearing all happen here, but they aren’t what define us as parents and I wouldn’t hesitate to change any of those things if they weren’t working for us anymore. The most important thing to us is treating each child as the unique little individual that they are and showing them as much kindness and compassion as we can so that we can be sure that they will in turn grow up to be kind and compassionate adults.

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Following our children’s lead has recently taken us down the road of home education and rather than send Mabel to school in September this year we will be embarking on a homeschool journey instead. Well, actually we will mostly just be carrying on with what we were already doing and adapting it as we go. I used to be a nursery nurse and I’m passionate about play based learning and have always tried to provide fun activities at home for the children that trigger their natural curiosity. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do with a toddler and baby at home too, but luckily I’m also a big believer in learning through life and letting children have plenty of time and opportunity to engage in their own self directed free play, so that makes my life a little bit easier! At the moment we do a small amount of adult led activities and projects and a lot of playing, reading, exploring nature and just living life and answering questions as they come up. I’m sure that our version of homeschool will change and grow over time as we adapt to try and meet everyone’s needs, but this is our starting point. On Squished Blueberries we will be sharing all our homeschool successes and stumbling blocks as well as all the fun activities and projects that we try out.

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Being at home all day every day with a four year old, a two year old and a baby…. well believe it or not it’s not all nature walks and baking cupcakes and cute crafts on the kitchen table…. sometimes it’s Peppa Pig on repeat for hours on end and dry cereal straight from the box for the kids snack, pacing the floors all day with a sleep resisting baby and wondering how many more days will pass before I manage to have a shower. Sometimes it’s milk and flour all over the floor or pen all over the walls or sudo cream spread thickly on the bedroom door (yes my children have done all of these things) as soon as my back is turned. Sometimes I snap, sometimes I shout, sometimes I say things that I later regret. These are the bad days, the ones that make me question everything… nothing goes right, nobody seems happy and I’m left wondering where did it all go so horribly wrong? I have these days, I think we all have these days, and it’s totally important that we talk about it. Being at home with kids is hard, and self-care is huge. I’m a big believer in positive affirmations and mantras for motherhood, because the self-doubt and Mummy guilt that we all suffer from is tough, and we all need to believe in ourselves as much as we can and stop being so hard on ourselves.

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Squished Blueberries is first and foremost our online family album and I love recording our special big milestones, our happy memories and our little ordinary moments. I think it’s really important to capture those normal small moments of family life that might otherwise slip by unnoticed and are easily forgotten with the passing of time. When I’m old and grey I want to be able to look back and remember how Carl used to make the girls a drink of frothy milk when we had coffee, and giggle at the time when I tried to have a lie in but it was the least relaxing thing in the world so I ended up bringing the duvet down to the sofa for family snuggles.

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Sometimes we are lucky enough to get to work with some lovely brands on blog posts or videos for our YouTube channel. Of course, all thoughts, words and opinions will always be our own, and we only ever work with brands that we really love and feature products that we think you will be interested in. If a post has been sponsored, or if any of the products that we feature have been gifted to us by a brand, then we will always let you know in the post.

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I hope you enjoy your look around our little corner of the internet. I’d really love to hear from you so if you feel like saying hi then please do! Join me over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, leave a comment on any post, send me an email… whatever you want really! I properly do love getting your messages, they make my little day, so don’t be shy!




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