Count Your Blessings, Name them One by One

Mantras for Motherhood

Mantras for Motherhood is my six part series, where I talk about the little quotes and phrases that get me through life as a mum to three little ones, get me focussing on the good stuff and keep mama guilt at bay as much as possible. I love a motivational quote on a Monday morning, Facebook and Instagram are full of them, but to be honest most of the offerings that float around my timeline don’t really apply to my life… it’s hard to get ‘fired up’ about ‘smashing my goals’ or ‘reaching my dreams’ when my goal is just to get everyone dressed so we can go to the shop and get milk, and my dream is to get to bedtime without any major calamities… shoot for the moon indeed.

So I’ve been saving little quotes that really do help whenever I find them, and they have evolved into six mantras that I look at most days and even better than that, if I’m having a crappy day, if I’m stressing over something or feeling like a rubbish mum, I can usually find a mantra that will help me out and give me some perspective on the situation.

Every Monday I have been introducing you to one of my mantras and what it means to me. I have even made you a printable version of my mantra cards for you to print off and use at home if you want to! Just click HERE to find all the posts in the series, and the link to your free printable download.

So, onto today’s mantra…

Count your blessings, name them one by one

Do you know the film Pollyanna? It’s a cheesy old film and Pollyanna is a little girl who insists that there’s always something to be glad about. I love that mentality, positive thinking at it’s finest! And this mantra always reminds of that old film that for some reason I’ve always loved.

I need this mantra because sometimes I can get myself into a really negative mindset and its hard to breakout of on my own. And the reason that I can get into such a slump is that my job is a really hard one. It’s no harder or easier than any other Mum’s job, we all have our own personal battles to fight, but it sometimes can be very tough and it sometimes can feel like everything is against me. Well, sometimes everything is against me! I’m not talking about just the times when the washing mounts up and I was up three times in the night and Mabel has her grumpy head on… I’m talking about the times when Ernie is teething and barely sleeps at all over night and then clings to me all day, Greta’s potty training takes a backwards step and she wees all over the house, Mabel is fed up of getting hardly any attention because I’m so busy with the younger two so she starts behaving like an absolute demon… meanwhile I get so run down that I’ve got a cold and a constant headache, we’re surviving on a diet of frozen pizzas and oven chips and the house is getting steadily more hovel like by the day. Really. Bad. Times…. They happen! It’s life!

At times like this, I really need to try hard to look on the positive side and channel my inner Pollyanna, because basically, everything just seems shit. But that’s why it helps to count my blessings. I don’t have to look far to find them, I have three lovely children, an amazing husband, a roof over my head, financial security, good health in general. I have many many blessings and sometimes it helps to actually just list them and think about it for a minute.

When all hell has broken loose in my house, I can easily start to feel like Why me?? What have I done to deserve such horrors? But such self-indulgent pity parties don’t help anything, and when I actually take a step back from the current reality of what is happening right now and look at the bigger picture, it all seems a lot better. Ok I haven’t slept in a week and the carpet is soaked in a mixture of trodden in wotsits and toddler urine BUT aren’t I lucky to have three healthy children to call me Mummy and defecate on the soft furnishings? It could be an awful lot worse, you only have to watch the news to realise that.

10 years ago could I have imagined my life like this? Maybe in my wildest dreams! I have everything that I wanted, a home and a family of my very own. Now all I have to do is appreciate them! (Even when it’s really really HARD)

Count your blessings, name them one by one.

Louise xx (2)

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